Vijuk’s Values

Michael Vijuk has a plan for McHenry County that includes thoughtful, sound leadership principles to help our communities thrive. His core focus areas are:

Dignity for People

Ensure a Secure and Dignified Retirement
Protect Civil Rights for All People
Expand Addiction Support Services
Respect Faith and Service
Promote Arts and Culture
Protect Voting Rights
Support Quality and Affordable Education
Expand and Support Community Health Centers

Treating Mental Health
Securing Reproductive Health and Rights for Women
Ensuring Long-Term Care and Services for the Elderly
Promote access to Public Health
Ending Violence Against Women and Children
Responsible Gun Ownership and Use
Support and Keep Our Promises to Our Veterans


Lower Taxes

Pursuing an Innovation and Technology Agenda: partnering with Business, Unions and Education
Support McHenry County’s Small Businesses
Investing in Rural McHenry County
Raise Revenue Responsibly
Fight for Economic Fairness and Against Inequality

Protect the Environment

Expand on Good-Paying Clean Energy Jobs and Economy
Provide incentives to Business and Residents to Spur Action
Protect our Watershed Areas
Enforce and Expand our Land Use Policies Responsibly

Working Families

Expanding Access to Affordable Housing and Homeownership
Protecting Workers’ Fundamental Rights to Organize and Prevailing Wage
Continue Building a 21st Century Infrastructure for McHenry County
Invest in Communities Left Behind in the County