Dr. Martin Luther King:

Intellectual, Pastor, Conscious of a nation.

For some of us it is a day of mourning, for others a day to remember, and for a few a day off from work or school.

For me it is a day to remember a great man who sacrificed his energy, time and ultimately his life to the belief that all men regardless of color are equal in the eyes of their creator.

It is a day that I want to remember that not only of Dr. King’s personal sacrifices but those men and women who believe in the rights of all people to be equal.

It is a day as everyday should be that we remember the women who marched for voting rights. The pastors and laypeople who march for safe and equal working conditions. The children who sat at the food counter to be served a meal. A single woman on the bus who would not yield to discrimination.

It is our military that will not stand for or accept discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation.

Let us stand together this day and everyday with the dreams of our parents and their parents for social, legal, and economic justice to be fulfilled.

Michael Vijuk